jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013


Un esquema casero, ...muuuuy caserito
Fácil, fácil!; (hay alguno de 4 hojas:)))

Escribió Benedetti este haiku:

Pasa que al trébol
si tiene cuatro hojas
no hay quien lo aguante


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  1. Generalmente los esquemas caseros son los más prácticos. Te están quedando chulos y originales y no hagas ninguna de cuatro, ya sabes...
    un beso.

  2. Jaja, este Benedetti ye la caña! mola mucho el trébol. Muaks

  3. Casi me atrevo yo a hacerlo. El esquema es perfecto para gente como yo...

  4. Son muy primorosos! Me encantan!

  5. En algún momento de mi vida, tejí algo muy parecido, cuando era jovencita.A veces, me planteo retomar pero no doy más de mi.
    Un beso.

  6. Este gráfico si que lo entiendo !!!
    Me lo guardo ;)

    Gracias y feliz fin de semana !!

  7. Creo que lo podría sacar, parece fácil. Lo intentaré, a ver si soy capaz. Muchas gracias.
    Un abrazo.

  8. El esquema funciona. Buenísimo el haiku!

  9. Now crocheting is 1 thing I could never get the hang of, but you have made some very cute 3 leaf clovers. Every time I tried to crochet it came out terrible...lol! :)This is stunning work, you sure have mad skills my friend. I wish I could find a special person and pay them to teach me to use Polymer clay, to make beautiful flowers and use them in jewelry!! But the 2nd pair of earrings are my fave for sure. 1-I'm a sucker for pink, an I love the light colors, and cascading beads! A+++ on these 2 sets of earrings, I love your work!! PS-Your beaded work is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I had to become a member, and ask you if you'd like to be a blog focus in my blog. Perhaps make a tutorial video for a beautiful piece. I'll use the tutorial to make the item, to show my followers that even they can make it! I put up to 3 to 4 links in the blog for the followers to find your store, so they can start shopping! This is definitely what my followers will completely ADORE!! Please get back to me at: simplystargazers@gmail.com For more info on my blog and how it works. In the meantime take a look at it -> thefashionistaofthemonth.blogspot.com Once you become a member of my blog,from that point on any blog you post a comment on you have a chance of winning one of the many, many beautiful prizes, are still open for comments, which means that plenty of prizes are still up for grabs. I really hope you decide to take part. I could use a beading expert on hand for my website!! I hope 2 hear back from you soon. Thanks for your time, and Have a Great Day!
    Dana Feldman

  10. me encanta es una monada voy a probar este tuto a ver si me sale, besosss te sigo

  11. Que bonito trébol cristina! y el esquema el mejor de los que he visto por la red, gracias por compartirlo guapa, voy a probarlo


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